Relationships with God, Self, and Others


We're back at the campus and in person again! 

Here's how we are continuing to meet each others needs and stay connected:

Follow the church Facebook and Instagram accounts @CrosspointeFL

SUNDAY - Join us at the campus or on our Facebook page at 10:00AM EST on Sunday mornings!
We are holding in-person services at the campus again
 and Check our social media for more updates!

TUESDAY - We host the recovery group New Found Family at 7:00PM

and we will broadcast meetings (ASL interpreted) live on Facebook @NFFRecovery  @NFFGENZ 

TUESDAY - Crosspointe Deaf Bible Study will be now broadcast online on Facebook at its usual time. Follow @CrosspointeFLDeafChurch on Facebook for more updates.

THURSDAY - Follow our Facebook page for updates on the Bible Study!

FRIDAY Food Fellowship - We still provide groceries for our community at the campus on Fridays at 1:30PM.
Follow @VictorNewmanMin on Facebook for more information and updates.


Email us at or call 727-546-1196 if you have any questions. 

Thank you for your prayers and consideration as we continue to seek God’s best in this situation.